Monster Scooters


What is the oil to gas ratio?

We recommend for all scooters a 25/1 gas to oil ratio which is approximately 5 ounces of 2 cycle oil for every 1 gallon of gas. We recommend using 87 octane gasoline known to be good quality, typically unleaded gasoline. The use of premium gasoline is not recommended due to additives. Also, it is important to use high quality oil which is explained further.

Are there any 4-stroke engine models available?

Although Martin Manufacturing has previously had 4-stroke model scooters, currently there are none available. However, it is still an on going project that would possible be available in the future.

What type of oil should I mix with the gas?

Always use high quality 2-stroke oil at all times. Most good motorcycle shops shock this kind of oil. It is extremely important to use only recommended 2-stroke oil. We recommend Maxima Racing Caster 927® made by Maxima Lubricants Santee, CA. Other oils we recommend are Klotz Super Techni Plate® and BG 2-cycle Motorcycle Oil Part #774®. The use of 2-stroke oils designed for other applications such as outboard motors(water cooled) or lawn mowers (low rpm) can result in severe engine damage.

How much does a scooter weigh?

The Mini Street model weighs 25.5 lbs, the Super Shocker CRC is 28 lbs, the Beast weighs 40 lbs, and the Moto weighs 39 lbs.

Haw far will a full tank of gas take you?

The driving range depends on conditions, rider weight and the speed the Monster scooter is traveling. On the average, a tank of gas will get you an hour riding time over a 25 mile range.

What is the displacement size of the engines?

Mini Street and Super Shocker CRC models have a 22cc 2-cycle engine, the Moto features a 43cc 2-cycle engine and the Beast boasts a 52 2-cycle engine.

What is the top speed of the different scooters?

The Mini Street goes approximately 20 mph, the Super Shocker CRC goes plus 27 mph, the Moto goes approximately 25mph, and the Beast tops out at plus 27 mph.

What colors are available?

Right now we have blue and black available.

What type of maintenance is recommended to extend the life of the scooter?

Although the 2-cycle engines used on the Martin Monster products are nearly maintenance free, there are a few minor repairs or replacements that will need to be done periodically. this includes replacing the drive spindle bearing every 6 months to a year, and replacing brake pads and tires as they wear. It is also recommended that the air filter is cleaned after approximately 30 hours of use.

Why are Martin scooters more expensive than the others?

The difference between Martin Monster scooters and the competitive brands seen in may stores is the Martin Monster scooters are built with the integrity and support behind them so that they can be used for a longer period of time. Many other scooters seen on the internet are basically throw away scooters, they are sold very cheap and no replacement parts. Parts for the Monster scooters are readily available.