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Martin Manufacturing Incorporated is one of the founders and leaders of the portable scooter market. Established in 1989 Martin Manufacturing has always been first in making the products that customers want. From the beginning Martin has lead the Technology that all companies use today. In the early 90's Martin invented the first portable motorized off road scooter. Many companies have copied the design but none have surpassed Martin's quality, technology, or innovation. When buying Martin you buy the best made scooter in the world.

Martin Manufacturing welcomes all retail customers, whether a big box retailer or a individual purchaser. We give special respect, diligence and courtesy to all our customers. That is why when your customer calls Martin Manufacturing looking for help, he can speak to a knowledgable, courteous technician who will resolve any problem that may arise. For over 15 years it has been our pleasure to serve our customers. We look forward to serving your retail needs. Please call (480) 991-8753 and ask for sales.

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